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With an uncompromising auteur-like vision, designer Julia Palm produces contemporary slow fashion through a project-based model.

JPalm is created with longevity in mind, often produced as quality one-off garments or in a low-quantity range. Within her designer/maker framework, Julia is able to ensure quality through the customisation of her own work. In contrast to this finer tailoring approach, the JPalm brand borrows heavily from its origins within punk culture. The hands-on method of making allows for impromptu decisions, and the opportunity to adapt/change as selected materials demand.

JPalm acts as a communication tool and this is reflected in the materials and dramatically changing silhouettes of each project. This methodology places an art practice at the centre of JPalm, translating into fierce, wearable and unexpectedly beautiful clothing.

Formerly based in Dunedin, New York and Stockholm, JPalm now operates from Wellington.