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Rory William Docherty

British born New Zealand based artist and designer Rory William Docherty creates seasonless pieces incorporating textiles based on his own original hand drawn and painted artworks.

“I’m a hopeless romantic. I want to create something personal and new, but still beautiful, unapologetically so, relatable but not of the moment, like a lingering dream.”

Carefully crafted from exclusive original silk prints, various deadstock fabrics, Japanese suiting and outerwear, Egyptian cotton, collected vintage textiles and trims.

Focused on the creative process, drawings that evolve into paper maquettes are enlarged and draped into fluid and sculptural forms, refining the conceptual into garments that feel reassuringly familiar yet aspirational.

Each Rory William Docherty piece is imbued with a sensitivity evoking an emotional connection: this is clothing for the individual.