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Thom Morison

Thom Morison is a menswear studio dedicated to creating everyday pieces of the highest quality. Thom works in the studio as a pattern maker and samples each piece in-store to slowly build each collection. Every single garment is rigorously tested - it must be highly comfortable, considered and functional. 

The origins of the Thom Morison brand lies in designer Thom’s long standing appreciation for the traditional artisan craft of menswear. Thom has always been intrigued by the level of detail that goes into every piece and the idea that it's often only the wearer who truly realises how special it is. The goal is to make superior quality, timeless pieces made up of simple lines but still have a sense of individuality and charm. A respect for the time-honoured traditions of menswear design, updated with a contemporary feel.

Thom's fabric and trimmings are all carefully hand sourced for the finest quality.  There is a special focus on sustainable and natural fibres like cotton, linen, and wool. Each garment is sewn by a local atelier who has been carefully selected to deliver the highest quality for you to enjoy for years to come.